FotoWare interview med Mikal Kolstad.

Based in Denmark, infoMAX is one of the oldest partners that have worked with FotoWare. For the past 2 decades, infoMAX has helped various customers around the world take control of their digital assets by implementing different media archives, from a complete workflow on Abu Dhabi’s largest newspaper to single-user solutions for photographers. We caught up with Mikal Mong Kolstad, an owner of infoMAX, to hear about its customer story and learn how organizations can identify whether they need a DAM solution.

infoMAX started in 2008 when we bought Caslon IT where we were employed. I worked at FotoWare as QA Manager for 5-6 years before moving to Denmark. So I have worked with FotoWare solutions for more than 19 years now. First technical service and installation, but lately I focus time on marketing, customer relations and sales.

Sjovt at blive interviewet af vores Norske leverandør, FotoWare.

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Kontakt os

  • Eskild Bang Hansen
    Tlf. 3145 0811

  • Mikal Mong Kolstad
    Tlf. 4014 4129

  • Michael Wandall Ohlsen
    Tlf. 4030 7022

Erfaringer med FotoWare

  • Vi har stor glæde af FotoWare og samarbejdet med infoMAX.
    - Per Frost, it-chef
  • Vi sparer megen tid med i FotoWare.
    - Jaume Ferrer, CEO